Mechanical Turnkey Project. ThermoWise was assigned to do the complete Hot and Cold Water section of the Edendale Hospital. We installed 1 x 1ookw Thermowise Heatpump TKRS-100/SE/SN2-V, 1 x 250Kw Thermowise Heatpump TKRS-250/SE/SN2-V, 1 x 210Kw Thermowise Heatpump, 1 x GT-SKR-60D, 1 x 2000Lt Hot Water Storage Vessel, 1 x 2000Lt Thermowise Hot Water Storage Vessel, Grundfos CR15-2 Circulating Pump, Grundfos CR45-1-1 Circulating Pump, Grundfoss Nk 80-200/214 Circulating Pump, Grundfoss Cm 10-2 Circulating Pump, completing all the electrical work, installed generators and Autoclaves.