Arnold Retief, ThermoWise CEO, relocates to JHB

Business is rapidly expanding in the JHB area.

The services and products offered by ThermoWise have been carefully moulded over the past couple of years in such a way to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements, but also to enter the market by complying with the South African National Standard within the hot water and plumbing sector.


The various ranges of products have also been designed to accommodate customers’ requirements, suited for various applications. One of the services offered by ThermoWise to customers are Turnkey Solutions. From assessment, specifying equipment, pricing, to design, supply and installation, through to commission and handover, after sales service and maintenance, all under one roof. Achievable through vast expertise, national infrastructure and a workforce of qualified and professional employees. Since ThermoWise has offered this service, there is now a more simple and reliable way for customers to conduct business. This has placed ThermoWise in the position to protrude within the industry, increasing the demand of the diverse range of services and products whilst creating reputable business.

As of February this year ThermoWise merged with Viessmann, who is a globally recognised company with their main hub located in Germany. Since the inception on this venture, ThermoWise has been seamlessly working on processes to introduce Viessmann products into the market. Training, marketing and product implementation is in the pipeline. Once launched, JHB will be on the top of the list with the market being greater than elsewhere to supply these products.

A demand within the market.

As a result of the SANS, environmentally sustainable equipment is in huge demand. Customers seek service providers that can comply to this, they seek competitive prices, lead times and turnaround time in completing projects is also a requirement. This is exactly what ThermoWise offers the market. The products are

Arnold Retief: CEO of ThermoWise
Arnold Retief, CEO of ThermoWise

compatible and reliable, the nationwide infrastructure and workforce allows ThermoWise to live up to deadline driven requirements. Should the need be, ThermoWise is in the position and can further expand the workforce when required.

Arnold Retief, CEO of ThermoWise, brings huge value to the ThermoWise JHB office.

Arnold’s holistic understanding of the business as CEO and the inner workings thereof brought the ThermoWise Board and Shareholders to the decision of relocating him to JHB. With his understanding and realistic optimism of the construction industry it would be to great benefit having the CEO of ThermoWise in JHB to build relationships with current and new customers.