Plumbing and Drainage

Forming part of our turnkey services, our contracting staff has a wealth of experience in all forms of commercial and industrial plumbing installations. We offer supply and installation of multi-disciplinary plumbing and drainage systems, suitable to customer requirement. Sanitary ware and fittings, internal plumbing and drainage, external plumbing and drainage, rainwater disposal, subsoil drainage, fire water reticulation, bulk water storage tanks and booster pump systems in application such as Hospitals, Hotels, multi-storey office complexes and housing developments.

Hilton Hospital Fire Pump Set - HUNI 2NBU65s side view
Hilton Hospital Fire Pump Set - HUNI 2NBU65s Control panel view
Hilton Hospital Grundfos Booster Pump Set MPC-E 3 CRIE20-4
Hilton Hospital Booster Pump Set Hydro-Multi-E view

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