ThermoWise Vandal Resistant Shower-heads provides you with the ultimate shower experience whilst Eskom has approved this product as being a cost effective way of saving energy and water.

These Vandal Resistant Shower-heads are the smart way to save energy and water, while guaranteeing a luxurious shower. The integrated pressure compensated flow regulator enables a consistent flow rate, regardless of water pressure, while using less water!

Thermowise Energy Saving Shower heads
  • Suitable for unbalanced pressure.
  • Vandal resistant technology guards, this shower-head against theft.
  • Conserves water and saves money, payback period between 3 – 5 months
  • Low pressure compatible.
  • Non-aerating spray means less temperature loss with maximum energy savings.

Product Range

Suitable for Balanced and Unbalanced system – 150mm single setting – wide spray. Delivering Comfortable flow at about 10L/min.

Vandal Resistant MINI Shower-head uses key EWSK 001 – (Setting available on Request for Unbalanced Pres.)

Shower Rose 90 mm Diameter Impact Full Spray with rubber nozzles,
Basic shower head with flow regulator, brass knuckle joint. Suitable for balanced and unbalanced pressure.

Vandal resist 100mm Overhead shower with pivot joint.

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