Thermowise Water Meter and Card system

Take full control with a Thermowise Water Meter. Monitor your water usage, save cost and water at the same time.

ThermoWise Water Meters is a water meter management system that is enabled by:

  • Reliable equipment.
  • Comprehensive software.
  • Incentivised agency network.
  • Remote user, card control.

First tested in 2007 & field tested for 2 years. The water meter has become very popular within the industry for its relatively inexpensive, easy installation, easy use method and maintenance, allowing you to monitor your water usage with secure online software.

The ThermoWise Credit Control Unit consists of a multi-jet ISO 4064 certified water meter with electric ball valve, smart card reader, digital display, all neatly packaged in one robust unit.

It is operated by means of smart card technology and is powered by a lithium battery with an expected life of 5 years where-after the battery can be replaced.

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