ThermoWise offers high efficiency hot water storage vessels to the commercial and industrial sector – ideal for maximising the performance of your preferred hot water heating system.

ThermoWise supply a wide range of pressure and non-pressure, also custom to customer requirement storage vessels for commercial and industrial use, some with up to 10,000 litres volumetric capacity. ThermoWise offers a fully comprehensive design service on all our tanks, allowing flexibility and ensuring exact specification as per customer’s request. With our skilled production team, technical advice is available and we can respond to requests from contractors and engineers quickly and competitively.

Storage Vessels
Capacity Diameter Weld to Weld Overall Height Dry Weight STD Loading
500 750 1000 1600 180 9kW
1000 920 1400 2000 260 12kW
1500 1070 1500 2200 330 18kW
2000 1070 2100 2750 380 24kW
2500 1220 1800 2500 450 24kW
3000 1220 2100 2700 530 36kW
3500 1370 2400 3100 580 36kW
4000 1450 2200 3000 620 36kW
4500 1500 2300 3100 675 48kW
5000 1600 2200 3000 740 48kW
6000 1800 2300 3200 1000 60kW
7000 1900 2300 3200 1075 72kW
8000 2050 2200 3200 1150 84kW
9000 2100 2300 3500 1250 84kW
10000 2100 2600 3800 1400 96kW
  • We use 6% Toroshpherical Dished ends constructed from 300WA plate.
  • Dished end thickness range from 5mm to 10mm dependant on the diameter.
  • 610mm to 1070mm dished ends are 5mm in thickness.
  • 1220mm and bigger dished ends are 6mm in thickness up to 10mm.
  • The shell is also constructed from 300WA steel and has a minimum thickness of 5mm.
  • Tanks that are bigger than 5000lt have shells that range from 6mm to 8mm in thickness.
  • We weld prep our plates as well as our dished ends to create a perfect butt-weld.
  • A 400NB manhole is in place in every vessel for cleaning and inspection purposes.
  • The standard vessel has seven 2 inch sockets, for water inlets and out lets as well as extra sockets.
  • It also has two ½ inch sockets for temperature and pressure gauges.
  • It has a ¾ inch socket for a sacrificial anode placement. When electrolysis takes place in the tank, it will act on the sacrificial anode before compromising the internals of the tank. The sacrificial anode is a replaceable item.
  • The tank also has a 1¼ inch drain socket on the bottom of the tank.
  • The tank has 2 lifting lugs. The lugs are 8mm thick welded to a 5mm compad that is welded to the tank to prevent any external damage to the tank when rigging takes place.
  • Our tanks come standard with element flanges that is suitable for backup elements.
  • The tank is welded by means of TIG welding. We perform a standard root run and CO² capping weld.
  • The sockets are welded internally and externally to prevent vessel failure.
  • We provide full data packs with our tanks which include certification for all material, pressure testing and welders qualifications.
  • Vessels ranging from 500lt to 1500lt can only be galvanized due to internal size restrictions.
  • Vessels above 1500lt can be galvanized or alternatively treated with our in-house treatment method. The treatment comprises of an extensive sandblast, followed by a coat of Zinc Flamespray. After which it is painted with 2 coats of suitable Apoxy Paint specifically designed for potable water.
  • The design operating pressure is 600kPa and test pressure is 900kPa. Pressures can be increased with client request.
  • Our vessels are designed in accordance with the specifications of ASME VIII DIV 1: 2010 and
  • Manufactured in accordance SANS 347:2010.

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