39kw Unit | HKRS – 390E/SN3-M

39kw Unit



ThermoWise introduces the new High Temperature 75°C heat pump to our product range. The water produced from this unit at a higher temperature makes this application more viable for commercial hot water applications such as, hospitals, abattoirs, dairies, laundries, food processing plants, chemical plants etc. Having the ability to heat water well beyond the typical temperature of 60°c range makes this product suitable for the prevention and control of Legionella and any other bacteria.

Power supply Ph-V-Hz 380V/3PH/50HZ
Working temp °C -15°C~43°C
Max. outlet Water temp. °C 75°C
Water Heating (A20/W55) Capacity KW 39
Input KW 10.46
cop W/W 3,73
Rated current 18,00
Max. input consumption A 15,68
Max. input current KW 27
Starting current A 68
Type / Brand Scroll / Copeland
NO. of compressor PSC 3
Thermal protector INNER
Fan motor Speed  r/min 800/500
Air Flow m³/h 7000
Quantity 2
Condenser Type 1 copper tube and shell
Quantity 3
Diameter of copper pipe mm 19
Evaporator Fin Type Hydrophilic aluminium
Tube outer diameter mm 9.52 inner groove tube
Throttling Element Type Thermostatic expansion valve
Brand Emerson
Wire controller Type Intelligent & LCD
The length of control cable m 12
Set Temp. °C 25~70
Water system Materials of water pipe copper
Water flow m3/h 11,8
Water different pressure Kpa 55
Diameter, water inlet pipe mm DN50
Diameter, water outlet pipe mm DN50
Refrigerant R134A
Design Pressure Mpa 2.7/0.02
Outdoor noise level dB(A) 63
Dimensions Dimension(L*W*H) mm 2150*765*1290
Packing(L*W*H) mm 2250*865*1420
NG/WG kg 398/460
TKRS-100E-N2 Dimension Diagram

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