30.0kw Unit



    By replacing conventional heaters, such as geysers, boilers and electric water heaters, ThermoWise Air to Water Heat Pumps provide you with higher energy efficiency and savings on your monthly electricity bills. Another advantage is the minimal use of space and low installation costs. We would welcome the opportunity to conduct a free, no obligation site evaluation and advice on any savings achievable.

    Power supply Ph-V-Hz 380V/3PH/50HZ
    Working temp °C -15°C~43°C
    Max. outlet Water temp. °C 60°C
    Water Heating (A20/W55) Capacity KW 30
    Hot water yield L/h 645
    Input KW 7,2
    cop W/W 4,17
    Rated current A 12
    Max. input consumption KW 10,08
    Max. input current A 18,36
    Starting current A 57
    Compressor Model C-SBN303H8D
    Type / Brand scroll / Sanyo
    NO. of compressor Ph-V-Hz 2
    Rated current °C 5,8
    Locked rotor Amp °C 45
    Thermal protector INNER
    Capacitor μF /
    Refrigerant oil ml 1500
    Displacement cm3 39,9
    Compressor Tube Connection mm 22.2/12.7
    Fan motor Model YDK-160G-6
    Input W 320
    Capacitor μF 10
    Speed r/min 800/500
    Diameter of fan mm 556
    Air flow m3/h 7000
    Heat Exchanger Type 1 copper tube in shell
    Model 4P-A
    Diameter of copper pipe mm 19
    Evaporator a. Number of rows 2
    b. Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b) mm 25×22
    c. Fin spacing mm 1,8
    d. Fin type Hydrophilic aluminium
    e. Tube outer diameter mm 9.52 inner groove tube
    f. Coil length x width x height mm two1082x44x900
    g. Number of circuits 10
    Four-way Valve Model / Make STF-0408G/ Saginomiya
    AC Contactor Model / Make 3TF3300-0X/AC220V/Siemens
    Gas-liquid Separator Model / Make LF12WLG
    Liquid Receiver Model / Make 145VW-B04
    Expansion Device Type thermostatic expansion valve
    Model / Make BAE4.5ZW195 / Emerson
    Wire controller Type Intelligent & LCD
    Model / Make Q01T0017 / AOQI
    The length of control cable m 12
    Set Temp. °C 25~60
    Water system Materials of water pipe copper
    Water flow m3/h 6,4
    Water different pressure Kpa 55
    Diameter, water inlet pipe mm DN40
    Diameter, water outlet pipe mm DN40
    Design pressure Mpa 4.2/0.02
    Gas Weight(R410A) g 3100*2
    Outdoor noise level dB(A) 58
    Dimensions Dimension(L*W*H) mm 1450*702*950
    Packing(L*W*H) mm 1525*805*1110
    NG/WG kg 236/279
    TKRS-300E-SN2 Dimension Diagram

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