Hyde Park

Hyde Park. Supply and install 3 x 10kW THRS100E/SN2-M Heat Pumps, 9 x 200L geysers, cisculating pumps and interconnecting pipe work to geysers.

The Lumier Melrose

The Lumier Melrose. Hot Water Installation. ThermoWise supplies 45kW TKRS450E/SN2-M Heat Pump along with 4000L Storage Vessel, circulating pump and 2 x 12kW backup elements.

Gateway Hotel

Gateway Hotel. ThermoWise was assigned to this project to supply and install 2 by 80kw heat pumps, 12 x 12kw elements,main hole, 2 x electrical control panel and reconfiguration of the pipe work.

St. Benedictine Hospital

St. Benedictine Hospital. Supply and install 2 x 5000 Liter Hot Water Storage Vessels. 2 x 45kW Heat Pumps. 2 x CM10 - 2 Ring Circulating Pumps. 2 x UPS 25 - 80 Ring Main Pumps. Including all [...]

Entyce Beverages

Entyce Beverages. Supply and install storage tank, duty and standby booster pump, piping between booster pump and storage tank, supply and install electrical control panel.

Life – St Marks Hospital

Life Health Care Group-St Marks Hospital, complete supply and installation of 5 x 3Kw heat pumps and all necessary pipe work and electrical connections to the hot water feed points.

Life – Isivivana Hospital

Life Health Care Group - Isivivana Hospital, Supply and install 2 x 38kW heat pumps including the circulating pumps and the electrical panel with all electrical connections. Tie into the existing [...]